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May Swenson Poetry Award Volume 5, with foreward by Richard Howard. An accomplished poet with credits in such literary magazines as APR, Paris Review, .
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At the same time, the Freisinger's new poetry collection is inhabited alike by bright, tangible images and thoughtful, Although the poems in this collection are not narrative, they do present a narrative, gradually unspooling the tale of the poet's rebel aunt, who left the family "to marry a Chinaman" in the s. It's an old story, full of poignancy, mystery, family pride, and doubt. When the aunt returns to die, the poet, now grown, discovers in herself the need Although the poems in this collection are not narrative, they do present a narrative, gradually Her work has been published in Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Ploughshares, Judge for the competition was Richard Howard, internationally known poet and winner of the Pulitzer and many other poetry awards.

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Winner of the sixth annual May Swenson Poetry Award, The Owl Question underscores and relishes life's transitions from young girl to woman, from child to wife to mother, and from isolation to connection this poet's bright sense of abundance and awe, here expressed in finely tuned detail and refreshingly open observation, reads like a collective This will be her first full-length book, though she's published a chapbook and many individual poems in national poetry journals.

Nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, Ms. This will be her The Beautiful Lesson of the I is a collection of finely made poems by an accomplished poet. It will reward the scholar and the student of poetry, as well as the reader looking for the simple pleasures of poetic insight authentically felt.

A Temple of the Holy Ghost

Winner of the Swenson Poetry Award Now in paperback. It will In it, Daniel Rzicznek offers poems that, in quick angular language, capture the natural world and at the same time extend it into a surreal vision, sometimes dream-like, sometimes dark. Alice Quinn, judge for the Swenson Award, says this of In it, Ramsay's Knee offers fresh and elegant poems by Idris anderson, many of them ekphrastic considerations of visual works of art.

Among her subjects are paintings by Rembrandt, Rousseau, Pollock, and Chagall, yet she equally explores a set of news photos from the war between Israel and Hezbollah. Ramsay's Knee offers fresh and elegant poems by Cowburn, John. London, Dublin: Chapman, Cracknell, Kenneth. London: Epworth Press, Craig, Sidney D. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, Craigin, Elisabeth. Either Is Love. NY: Harcourt, Brace, Cramer, Duncan. Close Relationships: the Study of Love and Friendship.

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Day, Donald. The Evolution of Love. NY: Dial Press, Day, Laura. NY: HarperCollinsPublishers, De Angelis, Barbara.

NY: Delacorte Press, Inspirations about Love. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Real Moments for Lovers. Putting Love to Work in Marriage. Demartini, John F. Rockport, MA: Element, Denneny, Michael. Decent Passions: Real Stories about Love. Boston: Alyson Publications, Desmond, Shaw.


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Love after Death. DeVries, Mark. True Love Waits. Diamond, Jed. NY: Putnam, DiCianni, Ron. Compiled by Caesar Kalinowski. Paris: G.

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Anquetil, Diggs, Bernard James. Love and Being, an Investigation into the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas [? Vanni, Originally Ph. Dilman, Ilham. Love: Its Forms, Dimensions, and Paradoxes. Love and Human Separateness. Blackwell, Dinesen, Isak On Modern Marriage, and Other Observations. Translated by Anne Born.

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    London: Collins, Drury, Michael. Rockland, MA: Wheeler Pub. Duck, Steve, D. Hay, S. Hobfoll, W.

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    Ickes, and B. Montgomery, eds. Handbook of Personal Relationships. Chichester: Wiley, London: Sage, Relating to Others. Chicago: Dorsey Press, Dyer, Thomas Firminger Thiselton.