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When you wish somebody to help you, you should say 'can somebody help me'. ' Some' here conveys a feeling of wanting an affirmative reply.
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Can anybody help me?

It seems like chaos to me. And being somewhat opinionated, I see Cloud Storage as nothing but a profit generator for Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc. And historically there have been cases where Cloud services have closed operations with no warning - resulting in significant data loss to their clients. One other thing you might want to consider is to start monitoring the LR 'problem' pages. I think it can be pretty eye-opening. Another random thought. I'd suggest that you keep your RAW images in their native format.

Best of Fortunes, and do some deep research before committing. Its sorta like a marriage Christopher Jackson 9 Posts 1 Reply Like.

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Are you using lightroom classic desktop version or lightroom cc cloud version? Christopher, Thanks, I'm renting cc but have baulked at the cost of doing the "easy" thing which is to use the Adobe cloud, but I'd need to upload all my previous photos taken on simpler cameras. Patience is something I hope to acquire when I retire!

I ust admit that LR Classic isn't that easy to learn as Adobe want to make us believe. But you should be able to find basic instructions easily on youtube, and once you get used to the User Interface, that should be it.


Certain things are really complicated, like the print module, but editing and administrating is. Don't give up. It can have two different meanings that the speaker is saying the one of something is very rich and dense or they could be saying that it bores them and they don't really want that much of it, context is very important to figure out the really meaning.

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It depends if one is a little or alot. I think going for only one day, would be plenty I think going for only one day, would be enough.

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She is basically saying to you that she only wants to go for one day and by setting her conditions out, if you're willing to abide by them, she wants to go with you. Sign up to join this community.

Can anyone help me with the following question please? Thanks in advance!

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can anyone please help me to explain this sentence "I think going only one day would be plenty. Asked 2 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times. I am a ESL student.

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I have just been in US about one year. In easy problems start with problem at the bottom of list they are comparatively easy and if you have ever code before you will easily submit them then gradually follow towards top. Take a look at this link. Hope it helps you. Just go on to problem page and there should be a submit button on top right corner. Open it and select your code language and submit it. You can alternatively upload your code file and then submit. I would suggest to use codechef IDE, you can write your code there, test it and submit it there itself.

All at one place.

Can anyone help me ?

I will add some points which will help you in becoming good programmer. Do Tough problems. Tough problems actually help you in learning new concepts and getting good programming practices. But before going to tough problems you should have the confidence that you can tackle a decent level of question.

For that, do easy problems by sorting out to get the ones with highest successful submissions.

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